Private Adoption

Options available for adopting privately

A private adoption is a situation in which the child's birth parents and his or her adoptive parents do not know each other's identities, do not meet and do not have any interaction. It is favored by many adoptive parents because it gives them greater control over how they raise their adopted child, as well as if, when and how they reveal the truth to their adopted son or daughter.

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There are many different options available within the realm of private adoption. To make an informed decision in the best interests of both you and the child, you should learn about all of them before deciding which is right for your situation.

Private Adoption Options

Some of the private adoption options available to parents include:

  • Christian adoption. A Christian adoption agency specializes in helping parents of the Christian faith find children to bring into their loving homes.
  • Interracial adoption. If adopting a child of an ethnic background similar or identical to that of you and your partner is not an issue, you can opt to adopt a child of a different race.
  • Single parent adoption. There are agencies, attorneys and social services in place for parents without partners to adopt children into their lives.
  • Gay marriage adoption. In jurisdictions where gay marriages are legally recognized by the law, same-sex couples have the ability to adopt children without any restrictions that would not apply to heterosexual couples. Given the potential for controversy, specialized and detailed educational initiatives and support resources are needed to ensure gay marriage adoption runs smoothly.
  • Special needs adoption. Many children who enter the adoption system have medical conditions and physical or mental disabilities. These kids need the love and understanding of committed, open-hearted and generous parents, and if you think you fit the bill, contact a special needs adoption agency.
  • International adoption. If you want to give a needy infant or child from a lesser-developed country a better life, international adoption is an option you'll definitely want to look into.

You should seek a private adoption agency that specializes in the type of placement you're seeking. Using situation-specific services can speed up the application and placement process, and these agencies will be more readily able to address any questions and concerns you have while providing uniquely tailored parent education services and parenting advice resources.