Adoption Information

Helpful facts and information about adopting

Adopting is an avenue sought both by couples who are unable to have children of their own and people who want to open their doors and hearts to a parentless child. It is a major decision and a major life commitment, so it's important that you acquire as much adoption information as you can so that you can make an honest evaluation of your candidacy.

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Types of Adoptions

One of the many adoption facts you should closely consider is that baby adoption is only one of several options available to you. While it is the most common type of adoption, there are also agencies and services in place that allow parents to take in older children, international children and foster children.

You can also choose between open adoption and closed adoption. An open adoption is a situation in which the birth parents and the adoptive parents know each other and share time with the child. In some cases, open adoptions are arranged between more than one set of adoptive parents, with or without the knowledge and involvement of the birth parents. A closed adoption refers to a case in which the birth and adoptive parents do not know each other and never meet. Choosing between an open or closed situation is one of the major adoption issues you will face.

The Adoption Process

You should seek adoption information specific to the type of situation you're interested in, whether it's a baby or older child adoption, a closed adoption, or an open or semi-open adoption. However, there are some steps to the adoption process which are common to most situations.

Adoption information and education are the crucial first steps. Once you've figured out what type of adoption you're interested in, find an adoption agency or an adoption lawyer that specializes in that type of adoption situation. After filling out an application, you will enter the home study process as part of your screening. You will be required to complete parenting classes, and once you're matched with a suitable child, you will have to file a legal petition to complete the adoption.

Adoption birth announcements or general adoption announcements are entirely optional. Family and friends may offer adoption gifts; if you don't want to receive any, make your wishes clear at the outset of the adoption process.